At FilmBar, we're HUGE believers in the power of the community that surrounds FilmBar, but the fact is that EVERYONE who comes to FilmBar also streams films from home -- and without a presence online, we're leaving the online world to the corporations without a fight. So, we started thinking: "Why can't WE do that?" -- and FilmBar Online was born! 

Just like at FilmBar, our aim with FilmBar Online is not just to show films but to pioneer new ways to support community, raise funds for others, shine a light on undiscovered talent, and to educate as well as entertain!

As we launch FilmBar Online, please keep in mind that this is a starting point.  And please dream of what it could be -- because that's what we did for the 6 weeks leading up to launching this. And, with you by our side, we'll continue dreaming on into the future.