We'll try to anticipate a few of your questions here.  If this page doesn't help you with what you need, please feel free to drop us a line at our email page found at the top menu of this page.  


What is FilmBar Online?

FilmBar Online is a mostly-free, donation-appreciated film streaming site that all about exposing you to some great films you may not have otherwise known about. Since FilmBar Online is curated by FilmBar, Phoenix's indie art house cinema, you can trust that what we host on FilmBar online has SOME kind of value.  No filler here!

What types of films does FilmBar Online have?

Basically, anything that isn't a big-budget, blockbuster film.  Indie, World, new, old, cult, classic, and even local!  The cool thing is that you can actually get a hold of us. Want to see more of a particular kind of film?  Let us know!

What platforms does FilmBar Online work with?

FilmBar is currently a website only.  However, we plan on building apps for many of the popular streaming devices once we enough folks jumping onboard with FilmBar Online.  This is a DIY initiative so we have to take things one step at a time.

Can I view these films on my TV?

YES! If you're familiar with casting to your TV, FilmBar Online works the same way.  Once you've started playing the film, just hit the Cast button at the bottom-right of the player window! We think the easiest way to cast is to use a Chromecast device. They're affordable, versatile, and incredibly easy to set up! However, a product called Web Video Cast is a great alternative.

Get it here:

I have a gift card and/or and Unlimited(ish) membership to FilmBar.  Will these work online?

Neither can be used for FilmBar Online.  Ultimately, FilmBar Online is a separate place than the FilmBar cinema space.

Is FilmBar Online temporary? 

Nope.  Not at all.  FilmBar Online is meant to be a compliment to FilmBar cinema.  After all, practically ALL of our FilmBar customers also stream films online!